11728949_10152927492361767_6066119884598137776_oMy name is Paul Ward. This letter may seem a bit unusual to you at first. First of all it’s on a website. Second, this is the type of letter that you might expect from a missionary or from a church member going on a short terms mission project. My ministry is not done over seas. It is done here at home. In our own back yards. This ministry is extremely important and is not at all short term.

For the past few years I have been ministering at Southdale, a small church tucked away on the south side of Anderson, IN. It’s a wonderful church with wonderful people. I have been helping their senior pastor out quite a bit. This church is in a very low income part of town. Many of our congregants would fit into the category of poor or they are on a fixed income for various reasons.

The tithe that they are able to pay covers the building and the bills and a modest salary for their pastor. They can’t afford any other paid staff, not even a church secretary. However, these individuals want to see their church grow. God is beginning to do some wonderful things through this church and their willingness to serve the Kingdom is amazing.

I was asked by their pastor to come help him minister to this congregation. I have helped in several different areas. I have led a small group Bible Study for young adults, I have led worship, I have spent time building significant relationships, I have worked on planning with the pastor, I have done hospital visits, I have preached, and more. I have been tremendously blessed to serve with this congregation.  God is doing something at this little church. It is part of His mission field and there is a harvest right where I am.

12063610_10208648751678466_7056507380948475301_nI am asking you to come along side me and support me in my ministry to these people who God loves so much. I’m trying to raise just enough to allow me to continue ministering at this church in the same way that I have been on a part time basis. God is doing great things and I can see even more great things on the horizon. He has called me to this place and I know that He will provide for me to be able to minister here. As this ministry grows we hope that it will grow in a way that will also be able to eventually provide the funds for my position in the future.

If you believe in ministering to those people in the forgotten neighborhoods of this country, and ministering to those churches that are not as blessed financially please join me in this ministry. The church is in a neighborhood that is surrounded by low income housing apartments and retirement communities. Many of these people are in need of the experience and knowledge of God’s and your support would help this church show that love.

12891153_10209213204633760_2486325274741510481_oThank you for your time, your prayers, and any support you are willing to offer. I have included a donate button at the bottom of this page. You may also mail a check to me. I don’t want to put my personal address online but you can click HERE to email me and I will provide you with my address. Thank you in advance for helping to build God’s kingdom.