Epiphany: I wonder


I wonder if they knew. Matthew doesn’t fill us in on most of the details so we are left with nothing more to do than wonder. Wonder why the star. Wonder how far the trip. Wonder if they had any idea who they really saw that night. We will never know. Still I wonder.

These mystical men from a far off place seemed to know something. Jesus was born under the very noses of those who had been studying the Scriptures their entire lives, but they didn’t know. Was it the ambient light? Were those religious leaders so drawn by the shining glimmer of their own knowledge, position, and power? Was Herod too blinded by the wealth and status given to him by more earthly means? Was it that those lights shone so bright that they could not see the star?

Were these Magi simply looking in the right place at the right time? Or was it because they weren’t trying to manufacture a more “Holy Nation?” Was it because they weren’t trying to force God’s plan? Did they come with preconceived ideas of what the Kingdom would really look like? Were they simply looking to see?

Are we blinded? Is it so hard to see the star light guiding us because we are letting in the more earthly light of wealth, status, and power?

Are we even looking anymore? Are we trying to make things a specific way so it appears more “Christian” or more “Holy?” Are we trying to create a space for you instead of finding you where you are?

This Epiphany, may we look for the star to guide us. May we look to heaven’s light and begin to turn off the other lights around us. May we simply look. May we stop assuming the things God is going to do or not do. May we wait to see what He actually is doing, even if it’s not what we expect or even agree with.

May we find Christ, like the Magi, just as He is. May we offer whatever we have and lay it at His feet. May we truly see Him as the King of our hearts and souls as well as the King of this world.