4 Ways to Pray for Your Quarantined Pastor

This season has changed everything! I don’t have to explain to you how or why. Your life has been shifted and more than likely turned upside down. Your pastor is no different. Your pastor is likely doing things that they never imagined they’d be doing. When they answered God’s call to be a pastor they envisioned leading small groups, preaching in front of a congregation, counseling those in need, and visiting those who are sick.

Most of the things pastors do on a regular basis are not allowed in our current situation. So they find themselves trying to manage websites, social media interactions, live video streaming, video editing and producing, texting, and more. You may not see it, but your pastor is struggling. Many of them feel like their just keeping their heads above water. So here are a few ways you can pray for your pastor.

Pray for their health

While physical contact is limited, pastors may still be doing some interaction. They may help do some grocery shopping for people in their congregation. They may be meeting with limited people for necessary church functions. They are getting out to make sure the church is still standing and checking as best they can on the people in their flock.

Pray that the Lord keeps them safe and healthy. Pray that their family stays healthy as well.

Pray for their family

This is hard for everyone. Being cooped up with your family more than usual has both positives and negatives. This time will cause new stress and challenges. Pray that the Lord keeps them grateful for the blessings they have and distract them from the things that might typically annoy them. Pray that they can serve their families better in this time.

Pray for their faith

Ministry is always hard. Every occupation comes with its own unique difficulties. Pastors can feel burnt out on a regular basis when things are “normal.” This only increases that. Many pastors are bi-vocational and have lost a job, or their spouse has lost a job. Many pastors have heard unique frustrations with online services. Many are hearing about their “lack of faith” for trying to be responsible.

Before this happened we saw many Christian leaders leave their ministries and some their faith. Pray that your pastor won’t face burn out. Pray that they feel refreshed and renewed to carry on the Kingdom work in new ways, to new people.

Pray for their leadership

This is a unique season that requires unique leadership. Pray for God to lead them into the best ways to lead in their specific context. No specific way is the right way for every church. Your pastor is hard at work trying to figure out what’s the best ways to move forward in this context. Pray for God to give them wisdom and clarity.

Finally, pray for yourself. Give your pastor grace in this season. It’s easy to be critical and notice what they should or could be doing. They’re like everyone else. They’re trying to make it up as they go along and leaning on the Holy Spirit for guidance. You can lean on the Holy Spirit as well, for the love and patience that your pastor needs in this season.