Two Free Apps For Christians

Our smart phones are amazing things. They remind us to pick up the kids from soccer practice. They tell us what we need at the grocery store. They help us pay bills. Oh yeah, they also make phone calls. Our world has been revolutionized by the smart phone. There’s an app for virtually anything and everything.

If we aren’t careful, these devices can become a distraction from all of the things that are important. We can become so addicted that we stop spending quality time with family and friends. We can put off important tasks while keeping up to date with Facebook. We can lose sense of reality itself.

I find it easier to simply incorporate those important things into my smart phone. They have apps that will block your phone from being used during specific times. They have apps with timers for work and workouts. They have fun games that can be played with family and friends. These all help us avoid the dangers of the smart phone revolution and can even help add value to our experiences.

What about our spiritual lives. We might see the occasional scripture that our pastor tweets out, but is that really spending time in the word? What about taking time out to pray or study the scriptures?

Good News! There’s an app for that! I want to share two apps that I believe every Christian with a smartphone or tablet should be using.

1. YouVersion


The YouVersion Bible App is by far the best bible app out there. It has a ton of free versions of the Bible for you to use. If like KJV, they have it. If you like NIV, they have it. If you ESV, they have it. You get the idea.

Many of these versions also have audio Bibles that go with them. That’s right, you can listen to the Bible while driving, jogging, or doing work around the house. The interface makes it nice and easy to highlight passages and make notes. These note go with you anywhere and will appear on any device your signed into.

It offers built in devotional guides. If you’re having trouble knowing what to ready, there are a ton of different devotional guides. Some of them are fairly short and easy to quickly digest. There are others that are a bit more in depth. Either way, they have something for everyone.

Lastly this app is very social. This app allows you to share verses and images across social media. If you find a verse that speaks to you or inspires you, share it. It also allows you to connect with other users for accountability. You can share with them what your reading and when. These are some of the top features, but not all of them. You’re better off to download it and see for yourself.

2. PrayerMate

Praying for people seems to be a thing of the past. When I was a kid I remember people asking my mom to pray for them and she actually would. Today people don’t ask and if they do, I’m not sure that others would actually remember to pray for them. It’s not that we don’t care about each other. We’ve just become too distracted. That’s not a good excuse, but it is the truth. I used to use Google Note to keep a checklist of people and things that I needed to pray for, then I found PrayerMate.

This is how PrayerMate works. You open the app and swipe. It’s easy! As you swipe it gives you prayers to pray or people/things to pray for. After you finish each step in your prayer, you swipe again to the next section until your done. It is a guided prayer that incorporates all of the things that you want to pray for.

PrayerMate allows you to organize your prayers by lists. You can create a list for your church, family, school or anything else. You can easily add people and things to your list. You can set how often you want to pray for specific things. If you want to pray for John every Tuesday, the app will make sure that John is in your guided prayer every tuesday.

You can also subscribe to prayers. I personally subscribe to the Book of Common Prayer. There are many others. You can also download prayers and Scriptures to pray. They’ll all be incorporated directly into your daily prayers.

Download the app! When you sit down for prayer time, just open the app and swipe.



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