More Than a Fairy Tale

My wife is amazed by some of the most common things. At least, those things that I have always viewed as common. She is amazed at how cell phones work or the internet. She doesn’t grasp the concept of different algorithms of code being send via electricity through a wire into a metal box and somehow showing up as a picture of a video on a screen. She accepts that this is somehow true because she sees it everyday, but she is still amazed by it.

This may not seem like a stretch for most of us. Most of us can’t read binary and most of us don’t even know the definition of a hexadecimal system. So it’s easy for us o understand how one might be amazed at this.

A better example of what I’m talking about is how Kim views UPS and FedEx. Kim doesn’t understand how she can send something this afternoon from Indiana and it could be at someones door in Texas the next morning. She’s amazed. She doesn’t understand how a system could be so fast and efficient. She uses this as proof that Santa Clause is real. FedEx and UPS simply stole his secret and now they can deliver packages around the world over night.

This may seem simple or even silly, but it’s actually very profound. Too often in life we get caught up with life itself. We simply expect our computers to turn on and our cell phones to connect. We don’t understand how they work we just expect them too. We are rarely amazed by these little things. I think we need to be more often.

There are those things that do amaze us, at least for a little while. Things like Space Shuttles. There are really big things that we don’t understand but are still amazed at. When something HUGE happens that we can’t explain we are amazed.

How often are we amazed with God?

I fear that we’ve treated God the same way we’ve treated Santa Claus. He’s more of a fairy tale to us. We explain away miracles and His involvement in our lives as coincidence. We really aren’t amazed out how we breath and how gravity holds us on the earth. We take God and His provisions for granted more than the internet or UPS. Why? Because we’ve turned Him into a fairy tale. He’s not really real. He’s an idea of goodwill, not a loving grace filled Savior.

Let’s not allow this to continue. Spend time today contemplating God’s involvement in your life. How has He shown Himself to you? Do you find that amazing?

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