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I just transfered all of my posts from another blog I’ve had to this blog. There are a couple reasons I did this. One reason was for efficiency. It’s easier to maintain one blog vs. two. I’ve already proven that it’s difficult for me to maintain the one so and I don’t want to entirely abandon the other blog I had started.

Another reason for doing this was because of purpose. I had started the other blog because I felt that the purpose was different than the purpose of this blog. The truth is that the purpose of this blog i pretty general and has room for a lot of different things. Now that I have come to grips with that I want to turn all blogging attention to this blog alone.

The reason that I started the other blog is because I wish to address a theological issue that I feel has been ignored by most of the church today. Many might not agree that Ecology or the environment comes down to a theological issue, but I believe very strongly that it does. The point of that blog was to shed some light on the theological nature of ecological issues. I hope that this ultimately helps us walk closer with Christ and that we may live more obedient lives for Him.

The blog entries that were transfered are as follows: Dominion, Smog in Heaven?, First Book Review, Does God Really Care??, A Moral Issue? and Not Alarmist Theology.

There were a few comments to these posts and I have not been able to get them to transfer over yet, but I will continue trying. In the mean time, please feel free to go back and look at these and comment often.

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