Does God Really Care??

It’s very easy to come to a point in our thoughts on the environment where we truly begin to wonder if God really cares. Does He actually care about the ozone layer? Does He really concern Himself with thoughts of trees? I think the trees are of a very significant importance so I won’t completely address them until later. I remember reading an article by Rich Mullins where he emphasized the fact that God loves lilies. Does He? In Matthew Jesus tells us to consider them and how much God takes care of them and how much more God will take care of us.

We often read those verses and realize that God loves us a lot. What we fail to realize is that God loves lilies a lot, He just loves us more. The fact that He loves us more indicates that he loves lilies. We read over that. We tend to be so selfish and only focus on how much God loves us. God loves His creation, Jesus tells us that. Not only does God love lilies, but He also loves birds.

God loves plants and animals, this is what Jesus tells us. God loves them a lot. God loves them so much that He wants to meet their every need. God wants to take care of them so that they don’t want. The amazing fact is that He loves us even more than that. If we skip over the fact that God loves the plants and animals then that verse loses so much of the passion behind it, we miss the true story of love that Jesus is telling us. We cannot ignore the fact that God loves His creation.

In Genesis we learn how God created the Earth. We learn every day and everything in order and for what purpose. Genesis is a beautiful explanation of Gods care and love for His creation. After each moment of creation God steps back and admits that He thinks His creation is good. After He creates man and woman, he says that it’s not just good, but it’s very good. God thinks that we are very good. Again we tend to ignore the fact that God also thinks that the rest of creation is good, just not very good. If we overlook this fact we simply miss the true depth of this verse, we miss what God truly thinks of us.

My point in all of this is that God loves us so much, and He thinks so much of us. We cannot forget that He also loves His creation. The fact that He loves us more and think more of us does not negate the fact that he loves and cares for the rest of creation. If God loves and cares for plants and animals it still hurts Him when He thinks of how we treat them. We treat them as if they are nothing to be loved or cared about at all, we don’t even act as if they are a creation of the Almighty.

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