Smog in Heaven?

I am starting to wonder if the portrait of Heaven that was on the flannel board in Sunday School is even close to the real thing. The flannel board always showed a bright yellow place that had white clouds and streets of gold and a see that was sparkling clear like crystal. I wonder because I’m not so sure we understand some things that Jesus was talking about.

Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

I don’t think that Jesus meant that we should do everything to make earth look like that thing on the flannel board. I do think that He told us to pray and ask God that His will and His kingdom be carried out on earth just like it is in Heaven. Of that’s the case then most of us should stop praying. I was taught as a child not to pray for something unless I really truly meant it. I shouldn’t ask for God to help my enemy until I truly desired God help for them. Do we truly desire Heaven on Earth? Do we truly desire the things of God here where we live? I think we do, and yet I can’t help but notice that we don’t tale care of this Earth as if we truly wanted it to be His. We don’t treat this planet like a possession of the creator. We do not treat it as if we really expected it to be Heaven on Earth.

I believe that the Scripture teaches pretty clearly that all of creation fell and must be reconciled to God. I’ll get into that more later, but that point leads me to the next. We don’t treat the Earth as if we truly believe that it can be reconciled to God and that all of creation can be redeemed?

With the way that we put our prayer into action, we must believe that there’s going to be smog in Heaven.

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