Theology for Culture

It appears to me that there is an increasing amount of 20 somethings converting to Catholicism and Orthodoxy. By 20 something I mean people in there 20’s or younger. Why is this? What is it about electric guitars, catchy worship music, and hip young pastors that is turning people away? Shouldn’t it be the exact opposite? I’ll tell you the answer. People aren’t interested in the style of worship or the catch phrases that the minister says all the time. They aren’t interested in cultural relevance or even pot luck dinners. People are interested in God. This, I’m afraid, is the reason they are leaving the Protestant tradition. The protestant tradition has turned into nothing more than a cookie cutter religion. What popular now, camp meetings? All right lets have twice as many as that other church that just increased their numbers and maybe we’ll get even more. This is faulty logic and faulty theology. The Catholic and Orthodox Church’s haven’t done what’s popular or what works; they’ve done what God wants. That’s the difference. God is the difference. Now, you must read me carefully or you might get that I’m saying that our protestant churches today don’t care about God, but rather numbers. Never mind, that is what I’m saying. I’m saying that protestant churches have given up on God and put their trust in culture and issues. What issues are hot button issues, then that’s what we’re about today. What will we be about tomorrow? Who knows. The Catholic and Orthodox churches have stayed virtually the same for centuries and they’ve always been about God. You can isolate a few places in history where this isn’t the case, but if you study further you’ll find that’s exactly the case. We need to have a hunger for God and for being the body of Christ. Theology has been traded for culture and we need to trade it back.

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