Passing the Time

If you follow or even lightly follow this blog, you may be wondering what has happened to me. Well here it goes. I have started a new job working for a medical transport service that consists of working very long hours. I am still going to school full time. I’m attempting to keep my marriage a happy one by contributing as much time as I can to it. Recently I have changed my major. I changed it from a Christian Ministries major to a Religion/Philosophy. I did this for a few reasons. I have alot of ministry experience for a person in my scholastic standing and most of the classes I’ve been taking haven’t been adressing my situation and therefore have been very poor learning experiences. I also did this due to a hightened serious interest in grad school. The last reason for this is simply beacause I want to graduate as early as possible and this change in degrees will allow me to stop taking classes that teach me how to organize songs in a worship service when I do that at least twice a week. I need to be able to understand the Bible, people, and ideas and then explain this to congregants. I also need to understand this and how to apply it to life, my own specifically. Who cares about organizing songs or playing politics in the church if my life (heart, soul, mind, and strength) is not confronted, consumed, and completely invaded by God and His Word (Christ). I must leave on that note. But now you have some idea of what’s going on in my head and in my life.

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