You Can’t Legalize Morality

Why don’t Christians understand this concept. Once and a while I find myself listening to Christian Radio(it’s not all bad). On almost every radio show something comes up about changing the way our government works. There are two good examples, abortion and homosexuality. According to these shows we need to vote for the right people, or sign the right petitions, or maybe even write letters to the right congressman, and we can do alot of good for America. I’m not sure if anyone pays much attention or not, but there isn’t much good that our government can do period. Look at how badly the government especially on the local level screwed up when it came to saving lives of people caught in Katrina. It failed us. Why are we so convinced that the government won’t drop the ball on our spiritual wellbeing (that is if we ever get them to pick the ball up)? Why do we listen to “preachers” on t.v. who tell us who to vote for and why?

I have one simple question that might clear alot of this up. What Would Jesus Do? Would Jesus try to get the lawmakers and government officials to change according to His standards? Would Jesus camp out on the White House lawn? Would Jesus picket clinics with hateful signs? Lets take a look at what Jesus did. He came to help in a time that was extremely screwed up by dirty politics. The local Judean governments were extremely corrupt, but compared to the more powerful Roman government, the Jews looked like saints. What did Jesus do. If I remember currectly he went straight to Rome and went on a hunger strike with nasty signs about the Caesar, because they laid babies in their dumps to die when they decided they didn’t want them. (Or maybe that was a story Pat Robinson told). Jesus didn’t do that at all. He could’ve let the zealots in a revolt, but he didn’t. Jesus knew what we apparently haven’t learned. To change the world peoples hearts must be changed. You can’t legalize a change of heart, and yet that’s exactly what we try to do. President Bush was voted in by people who hold this ideology. Have we seen a moral shift or change. If we’re honest we answer no.

To change this nation and this world, we must show the love of Christ. We must get our hands dirty with sinners and show them that Christ is the only thing that makes us clean. We are obligated to love our neighboor, not shun them as they walk out the doors from having an abortion. This is nopt what Christ did, and this is not what we should do. I will go as far as to say those who picket abortion clinics are sinning in their actions, because they are not doing what God has called us to do and teach love to others and walk in His laws and His love daily. This government was created by man to serve man, that is how every government is established. This is why, like every government before it, ours too will fall. The question is, will the church survive when this happens. It will if we are not bound to this government and if people are Christians because of Christ’s love, not man’s laws.

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