Am I a Turtle

I was in a class today when my prof basically called me a turtle. He said this to the entire class, not to me individually. He said that most ministers are turtles and he could tell that most of us are. What was this guy talking about? I really had no clue. He started to explain himself. He said the reason is that turtles lay their eggs by the beach and then leave them to hatch and live on their own. At this point I became more confused. Then he continued by telling us that our eggs are proects, homework, church ministries, games, books, and many other things. We have an idea, we get excited about it and we start with it at full force, then we leave it unfinished.
WHOA!!!! I am a turtle. Little did he know (or did he) that what he was saying was exactly true of myself. I love to get ideas and start putting things in motion, but then I eventually get very busy with other things, ideas, and comitments and I leave them behind. So what? What’s wrong with that?
We are supposed to be Christlike. What if Jesus hadn’t finished what He came here to do? What if at the garden Jesus was praying and said “I’m passing this cup.” What if he didn’t die on the cross to become the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, and to show us His undying oerfect love for us. What if He didn’t rise again to conquor death, the grave, and Satan? What if Jesus were a turtle? The point is that He wasn’t and i shouldn’t be either. I need to ask daily for God’s strength, stamina, and endurance to complete the work that He has already began through me. I need to crucify the turtle within.

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